Documented and certified quality management system (QMS) such as ISO 9001 have become indispensable for many operations. There are also systems developed inhouse by large organizations and also less formal systems used by small to medium size organizations. Without a doubt, a certified documented QMS is the way to go because it provides credibility to the system that you are using. Certifications always involve independent party audits. This adds further to the credibility and integrity of the certified QMS.

Problems with Quality Management Systems.

A certified QMS means that it has all the required components of the QMS are implemented. However, QMS certifications does not determine if the system is a good or a poor system. Poor QMS are cumbersome to follow. This may lead to failure to adhere to the system which results in lost of certifications. The worst outcome from poorly designed QMS is poor product quality that lead to product recall or adverse reactions from customer.

Proposed solution – Streamlined QMS

The solution is to streamline the system and built in continuous improvement principles into the QMS.

It is common for quality team to take up continuous improvement responsibility. Quality and continuous improvement complement each other. In fact an efficient organization produces less defects which in turn churns out more good product.

Australia Quality Group can help you set up or upgrade setup your quality system based on lean principles. The quality consultancies that we offer with guarantee certification are:

  • Obtaining TGA GMP License.
  • Generic quality management system ISO 9001 certification.
  • Cosmetic GMP ISO 22716 certification.
  • Medical device quality management system ISO 13485 certification.
If you are looking for a quality consultant who builds in continuous improvement principles,  then look no further, Australia Quality Group will meet that expectation. Contact us without delay.